Skills and Knowledge


    Prepared kindergarten students enter school with the following knowledge and skills:


    Social-Emotional Readiness

    • Students are ready to work independently and as a member of small and large groups.
    • Students know how to take turns, complete tasks, and follow oral directions.
    • Students care for their belongings and respect the property of others.
    • Students know how to approach a group of students and join in play.
    • Students have practice expressing emotions with words and talking through needs to resolve problems.


    Academic Readiness

    • Students understand the concept of same and different and compare items.
    • Students recognize colors, shapes, sizes, and their own names.
    • Students greet others, initiate conversation, and respond appropriately to questions.
    • Students have an interest in printed words and how they are used to express ideas.
    • Students are able to retell a story or event from their own lives.
    • Students should know their name, address, and phone number.


    Physical Readiness

    • Students have experience using a variety of writing materials and scissors.
    • Students write letters from the top to the bottom.
    • Students have experience running, hopping, and skipping.
    • Students can open their own snack packages and drink containers.
    • Students can independently put on outerwear such as jackets and gloves.