• Letter Formation

    We learn how to form our alphabet letters with formation poems.  It is encouraged to have your child say how they are forming the letters as they are writing them.

    Here are some helpful writing resources:

    Letter formation Poems

    How to Hold a Pencil

    Kid Writing

    Your child will learn to use kid writing in our kindergarten program. It is a systematic approach to phonics, journal writing and writing workshop.  It helps your child understand the process of sounding out words, applying letter/sound relationships and using the conventions of writing. We learn the process of thinking of our story, drawing a picture with details, and then writing our story.  Students learn to use a "magic line" as a place holder for unknown sounds in a word, kid writing helpers to recall commonly used words, and meatball spaces between our words.

    Here is a list of the Kid Writing Helpers that we learn:

    Kid Writing Helpers