• Writing- We use the Kidwriting program (by Eileen Feldgus, Ed.D and Isabel Cardonick, M. Ed.).  The basic philosophy of this style of learning to write is for students to begin matching letter sounds they hear in words with the written form of the letter.  To “Kidwrite” a child first draws a picture.  Next, an adult asks the child to tell them about the picture.  The child provides an explanation, which the adult helps form into a sentence.  With support from an adult who does not isolate each sound, the child then stretches out the sounds and writes what he or she hears.  There are often mistakes, but that is how we learn! Under the “Kidwriting”, the adult writes the sentence in “adult writing”, pointing out all the child’s successes.  Finally, the child reads back the sentence.  For more information about Kidwriting see the website: https://kidwriting.homestead.com/

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