8th Grade Team



    Welcome To The 8th Grade Team Page! 

    Required Supply List:  updated 8/1/18

    • Combination Lock (keys are often lost)
    • Assignment Book (suggested format displayed below)
    • Color coded folders (one for each class) OR 1 1/2 inch binder (if binder system worked for your child in past)
    • Loose Leaf Paper 
    • Several pencils
    • Several pens
    • Pencil Case
    • Scientific calculator for at home use 

    o   Suggested type TI-30XIIS, at Target online for $10.99  Click to shop online

    o   If possible select color other than Navy Blue and mark with student name in permanent marker

    • Other items are encouraged for students who feel they are better organized with immediate access to highlighters, 3x5 cards, post-it notes, colored pencils, etc.   These items are not required. 

     In the case that you feel you may need assistance obtaining the required items due to financial need, please do not hesitate to email kworrell@mv.org for assistance with getting the materials.  Students are expected to have all of their materials within the first few days of school.


    Genesis Access

    Genesis is the system teachers at Morrisville use to record grades for students.  We are encouraging every parent to obtain access to genesis to easily access their child’s grades and information.  To obtain access to genesis please email Mrs. Burkhardt at mburkhardt@mv.org and request parent access to genesis, be sure to include the name of your student in the body of the email.


    P.A.C.K.-  click the link in the side navigation bar to find information about our new School Wide Positive Behavior Program!



    Website information:

    8th grade homework will be posted on the "My Homework" link on this page.  Be sure to bookmark it!  Assignments are posted by the end of each school day.

    8th grade tests, projects, and special events will be posted on the calendar link. 

    "My Links" is a collection of student study aids and parent resources. Look here to find online flashcards for English vocabulary tests, helpful math websites, and Pennsylvania State Assessment Anchors