My Resources

  • Grading

    Student grades are based on:

    • projects
    • quizzes/tests (oral and written)
    • Classwork and homework
    • Journal writing 
    • Class participation: In French preferred

    Extra Credit

    Extra credit is for work you decide to do in ADDITION to class requirements. It can not take the place of any assignments you may have missed or want to improve.

    I welcome things that would help your classmates improve their knowledge of French. Ideas could be: a guest speaker, cultural information from a specific French speaking country, teaching a grammar point, current events, etc. Please check with me for approval and presentation date.

    Make ups

    ONLY students with excused absences may make up homework or class assignments. If you are absent, it is your responsibility  to find out what in class and out of class assignments you have missed. Make sure you check with your class buddy, and/or check class bins.

    For assignments that can only be made up in the classroom, please see me the day you return.

    Hallway Passes

    Passes will be given out for emergencies ONLY. There is NO pass to go to your locker. In addition to being given a pass, you must also sign in and out. I will keep track of all trips out of the room. Excessive trips will be reported to your parent/guardian and the school nurse.

    Food and Drinks

    Please bring only clear, unflavored water into class. Small, quiet snacks may be permitted 3rd or 4th periods only. Anything messy, smelly, or big such as meals, microwave popcorn, big bag of chips, Doritos will be have to be thrown away. I would hope that I do not have to stop allowing this privilege due to not cleaning up after yourselves or bothering your classmates.

    Please DO NOT:

    • Do classwork for other classes while in French class
    • Throw things at anyone or anything, sleep in class, brush or comb your hair
    • Use or have in your possession any electronics, including cell phones.
    • Make fun or anyone for any reason in this classroom


    • Come to class prepared
    • Come to class with a positive attitude
    • Show respect to others when they are speaking or working, whether it be other students or the teacher.