• Pennsbury - Morrisville Merger

    Feasibility Committee

    • The Pennsbury School District received a state grant for an independent review of a potential merger or other tuition arrangement between Pennsbury and the Morrisville School District.  PFM Group Consulting LLC (PFM) was selected by Pennsbury to conduct the study.

      PFM’s work will provide the Boards of the two school districts with information to help determine if a merger or tuition relationship is in the best interest of both districts, including but not limited to whether instructional opportunities would be enhanced for all students at a similar or reduced cost to taxpayers.

      Pennsbury’s scope for the study included the formation of a Feasibility Committee comprised of stakeholders (parents, staff members, and others) who will meet four times to discuss topics including curriculum and academics; school buildings and other facilities; workforce; and finances.  The Feasibility Committee will provide input and guidance to the PFM study team to ensure that the focus areas provide analysis that will be helpful for both School Boards in making future decisions.

      The Committee is a non-partisan advisory body and will not be voting or providing a recommendation to either Board.  There are 25 members of the Committee; membership is intended to include representatives from both school districts and affiliated groups, as well as members of the general public, in order to provide a variety of perspectives.  At each meeting, Committee members will be asked to provide comments, thoughts, and suggestions after a presentation by the study team.

      In addition, residents, families, and others are welcomed and encouraged to attend the meetings; speakers from the public will be invited to make comments at the end of the meeting.

      This section of our website includes a variety of information about the Feasibility Committee, including a list of its members and the presentations made at each meeting. Questions or feedback? Please use the Google form linked on the left-hand side of this page to submit.