Class Dojo

  • If you haven't already done so, please sign up for Class Dojo.  It's a GREAT way of communicating.

    Image result for class dojo imagesClass Dojo is tool for students, parents, teachers and even administrators to encourage positive behavior in the classroom. The student creates an avatar online and monitors his or her progress as the teacher provides feedback. In other words, students create a funny, cartoon-looking character and the teacher adds or removes points towards the student’s character based on classroom behavior. The teacher adds or removes points according to class standards set by the school and/or teacher. An example would be student “John Smith” received 1 point for “Hard Work.” Another example: student Susan Jones received -1 point for disrupting instruction.

    Parents are encouraged to setup a user account on to receive a weekly behavior report via email. Additionally, the parent can login to the site and review classroom behavior without waiting for a weekly report. 

    Parents you will only be able to view your child's behaviors and no one else will see your child's information.  The children on the other hand will see each others every day as we go over all the good behaviors as well as some of the bad that happen.  The nice thing is the students may know someone had a bad day but they won't know what behaviors they were penalized for.
    If you should have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.  
    *I am always available to discuss behaviors and/or any other issues that may arise.