Google Classroom

  • What device are you using?
    I Phone/ Ipad
    you will need to download 3 APPS: google classroom, google slides, and google docs.
    Computer/ Chromebook:  watch the video below.
    Also see below for your login information or contact your 1st period teacher for your login.  
     Once you are in Google Classroom, all of your classes are there to "join."  Look for  assignments in the classwork tab. Students can also comment on anything to message their teacher. 
    Once you are in Google Classroom, find this week's assignments for each class.  Do not worry about doing "older" assignments.  You can always go back at a later time if you need.  
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    Login Information

    Please email a teacher if you don't know your login!  (You may be able to figure it out though.)


    password:  00+last three digits of school id@ first two letters of your last name (CAPS) 



    PW:   00123@WO


    ***If you share your computer with another Google user or have a personal Google account, you need to be sure to choose your SCHOOL ACCOUNT in order to see Google Classroom.  (Click the initial in the top right of the Google screen to select the school account.)

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  • Student E-mail

    You now have student e-mail.  This is a good way to communicate with your teachers.  You wll also receive notifications from Google Classroom in your email.  These notifications will let you know when you have a new assignment, a response to a comment, or a teacher has "graded" work you submitted.  


    To get to your e-mail, go to

    Use your Google Classroom login.  You will want to bookmark your email so you can easily find it! 

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How to Submit Work