Letters and Phonics

  • We learn our letter sounds with the help of Jourmey's Program "Alphafriends." The Alphafriends provide a friendly visual connection to the alphabet letters, a fun song and poem to connect the sounds, then we add a way to move our body when we make the sound. 

    Here is an alphabet page with all of our alphafriends and digraphs that we will learn throughout the year. 

    Alphafriends & Digraphs

    Here is a link to alphafriend flashcards for you to practice at home with your child. 

    Alphafriends Flashcards

    Here is a link to the Alphafriends Song that we will use often in class. 

    Alphafriends Song

Sight Words

Sight Words
  • The Journey's Program introduces 88 High Frequency Sight Words throughout the school year. We will introduce a few sight words per week throughout the year.  Your child's ability to recognize these sight words will help the grow as a fluent reader. The goal of this program is for your child to recognize 46 out of these sight words by the end of Kindergarten. 

    Here is a list of the Kindergarten Sight Words

    Morrisville Kindergarten Sight Words

    It is essential for your child to practice recognizing sight words every day. You can make them into flash cards to review with your child. You can tape the sight words on places your child goes to frequently (fridge, mirror, doors, cabinets, etc.). 

Guided Reading

Guided Reading
  • Through small group instruction, your child will read simple emergent readers and we will practice using good reading skills and strategies. They will learn to recognize hight frequency words, sound out words, using picture clues to help figure out unkown words, and more! The goal at the end of Kindergarten is for your child to be reading at a level D. 

    Here is an example of a Level D book

    Level D Book