Getting Ready for Kindergarten

  • How can families help?

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    1.  Read to your child every day.  Read nursery rhymes, stories, books that give information, etc.  Get library cards together!


    2.  Talk about going to school and answer questions your child may have.



    3.  Provide counting experiences.  How many eggs are in the carton?  How many plates are on the table?  What if there is one more?  One less?



    4.  Sing songs and do puzzles together. 



    5.  Do letter activities:  Match capital and lowercase letters.  Make a collage of pictures starting with the same letter sound.  Use letter magnets or letter cards to practice identifying letters.  Put pudding in a ziplock bag and take turns using a finger to form letters.  



    6.  Play games with your child and emphasize taking turns.



    7.  Practice using student scissors, glue, and glue sticks for arts and crafts.



    8.  Work on tying shoes, buttoning buttons, and zipping zippers.



    9.  It’s helpful for your child to know his/her first and last name, address, and telephone number.



    10.  Provide pencils, crayons, and markers for your child to use.  If your child wants to write letters, please encourage him/her to start at the top of a letter.  When writing a name, your child should use a capital first letter and all the rest are lowercase.



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