1st Grade Classrooms

  • Hello and Welcome to First Grade!

         The first grade students are growing into independent learners.  We will be working on many skills this year including reading, writing, adding, subtracting, and working with others.  Let's have a fun-filled first grade!

    Our Philosophy of Education

         We believe that learning should be fun.  We will provide multiple hands-on, active learning experiences for our students.  We want to stimulate their creative thinking so they will be served well beyond the classroom.  We want to challenge our students and make them question the world around them.  Since children learn in many different ways we will provide various opportunities and choices to incorporate their multiple intelligences.  We will vary our teaching strategies by using discussion, dialogue, group work, and experimentation.

         We believe that establishing relationships with the students is very important.  We will know their strengths, areas for improvement, and family background so that we are better prepared to teach them. We will respect our students and believe that they all have something valuable to contribute.  We want our classroom to be a family.  Our classrooms will be a safe place to learn and share experiences.