• Pennsylvania Youth Survey (PAYS) 2023

    PAYS is a semi-annual anonymous survey of school students in grades 6th, 8th, 10th, and 12th, which helps communities to learn about students' mental health, behavior, attitudes and knowledge of alcohol, tobacco, other drugs and violence.  Data gathered in the survey is anonymous, and assists our community to recognize risk factors amongst our youth.  Risk factors are the conditions that increase the likelihood that a child will develop problematic behaviors later in life.  The survey also collects information on protective factors, which are people or conditions within our community that act as a buffer to risk factors.  Results from the anonymous survey create an opportunity to identify prevention and intervention programs to address concerns such as mentalhealth, substance use, and violence directly within our community.   

    During the Fall of 2023, our school community will participate in PAYS. Our data will directly support our Morrisville community to assess issues facing our youth, identify programming to address our challenges, establish curricula at the school level, and apply for additional grant funding to support our efforts.  It will also assist us to determine if our current prevention methods are effective, and to make changes to our programming.  All families reserve the right to opt their student out of the survey.

    PAYS Resources:

    Bucks County Drug & Alcohol Commision 

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    PAYS Information for Parents