Tome Raiders
  • Morrisville Reading Olympics

    Reading Olympics is a celebration of reading that inspires students to develop a love of literacy by reading more books.  Using a team format, students work together to read books from a prepared list of 45 titles. The titles are preselected each year by a multi-county group of teachers and librarians.  The list encourages students to read books from various genres and topics.  Throughout the course of several months, students meet regularly with their advisor, Mr. Kelman, to discuss the books and to prepare for the culminating event.  Each Spring, the Reading Olympics team attends a county-wide reading competition.  Teams of readers across the county gather together to challenge one another to respond correctly to the most comprehension questions, based upon the 45 titles on the reading list.  At the end, each team receives a ribbon for their participation.  

    Pictured above is our 2023 Morrisville Reading Olympics team, known as the Tome Raiders.  The Tome Raiders were comprised of 7 high school students.  Together they competed against other teams this Spring, at New Hope Solebury High School.   After a grueling 3 rounds of questioning, they earned themselves a red ribbon. 

    Any Morrisville Middle/Senior High School student interested in participating in the 2024 Reading Olympics should reach out to Mr. Kelman at

    2023-2024 Reading Olympics Lists:

    Middle School Reading Olympics List

    High School Reading Olympics List

    Visit the  Morrisville Free Library to pick up printed copies of books.  Using your Bucks County Library pass, you may also download the e-book and audio versions.  They can be found through the library's catalog system or on the Reading Olympics shelf in cloudLibrary.  

    Scoring and Ribbon Colors:

    Blue Ribbon: 50 points or higher

    Red Ribbon: 40 to 49 points

    Green Ribbon: 30 to 39 points

    Yellow Ribbon: up to 29 points