Tech Ed Course Info

  • Middle School Technology Education - 7th Grade

    Sketching - Lines, Perspective & Visual Communication

    Drafting - Measurement, Lines, Multi-view & Isometric (Measure Lines, 4 Boxes, Two 3-View, & three Isometric drawings)

    3-D Sculpting - During Virtual instructuion due to Covid-19 we started doing 3-D Sulpting and the students really enjoyed it. This opens us up to new discussuins about product design, video game development and movie special effects.

    Animation - Hand Drawn, Stop Motion, & CGI (Flip Book or Stop Motion Project)

    7th Grade Technology Education – This course includes an introduction to what is Technology including the six main categories: Biotechnology, Construction, Manufacturing, Communication, Transportation, Energy & Power Technology. In this class students learn to accurately measure using a ruler to the nearest 1/16th of an inch. Then students learn technical sketching techniques and Drafting using a T-square, scale, and triangles. Many of these skills will be useful if students take the High School Woodworking elective. We have recently added 3-D Sulpting activites to the class were students attempt to create a 3-D Model of an object or creature using web based software. As a shorter follow up unit students learn about animation techniques used in popular films. Projects may include a hand drawn flip book or stop motion animated video created using the school’s digital cameras.


    Middle SchoolTechnology Education - 8th Grade

    Woodworking (Wall Box project)

    Electronics (Snap Circuit Electronics Trainer)

    8th Grade Technology Education – In 8th grade students are introduced to safety while working with tools. The students gain an understanding of how to use many hand and power tools. They practice these skills as they construct a pre-designed project. Many of the skills learned in this class will be helpful to students who choose to take Woodworking in High School. As a shorter follow up unit students are introduced to electronics and computer technology.


    Digital Photography



    Photoshop Elements

    Depth of Field

    Capturing Motion




    Digital Photography – Students learn to use D-SLR Cameras to captures images of various types. They will gain an understanding of focus, composition, and exposure. Students will also learn to manipulate these images in Adobe Photoshop. At the end of the course students will create a portfolio of their work.


    Woodworking (Basic, Advanced, Independent)


    Technological Design Loop (Students Design and Build their own projects)


    Gluing and Clamping


    Woodworking (Basic, Advanced, Independent) – Woodworking focus on designing and safely construction a useful or decorative product. Students begin the course by seeing safety demos and studying for a safety test. This is their “learner’s permit” for using the equipment. Students then design and build a project with the help of their instructor and classmates.


    Technology Systems 

    Technology Design Loop

    Universal Systems Model

    Biotechnology (Model Green House System)

    Construction (Toothpick Bridges or Towers)

    Electronics (Snap Circuits and Basic Circuits)

    Technology Systems – Tech Systems picks up where Middle School Tech Ed left off. This class explores what is Technology and dives into Biotechnology and Construction Technology. Students investigate new and current trends in technology and are involved in several hands on projects.



    Energy, Power, & Transportation 

    Technology Design Loop

    Energy & Power (Electricty Generation, Simple Machines, Alternative Energy)

    Transportation (CO2 Racers, Cardboard Gliders, Paper Rockets)

    Energy, Power, and Transportation – EPT is another chance for students to explore the world of technology around them. The course starts off by focusing on what is the difference between Energy & Power. Students will explore how Energy is changed from one form to another. During our exploration of Transportation Technologies students will be designing and building several models that can be tested.


    Movie Magic 

    AFI's 100 Greatest Films

    View movies to discuss Special Effects

    Stop Motion Animation Project 

    Movie Magic: Behind the Scenes – Students will explore how effects in movies are created including practical and optical effects. We will be looking at the AFI’s 100 Greatest Films of all time. Students will get to experiment with creating some of these effects covered in class.



    What is Animation

    Forms of Animation

    Famous Animators and Technological Developments

    Animation – Students will explore the history of animation and the many forms it has taken over the years. We discuss hand drawn, CGI, stop motion, and more. Projects may include creating a GIF, 3D Sculpting a character, reseaching a famous animator, and creating a scene, set, or desiging characters for an animation project.


    Audio & Video Editing

    How is audio and video recorded

    What advantages do you gain by being able to edit the media you recorded

    How can the skills be used in a carreer

    Audio & Video Editing – Students will explore how audio and video is recorded for personal and professional use. Students learn how editing can be used to enhance the experience of litensing or viewing media. Projects may include triming out mistakes in a recording, adding sound effects and music to a recording, adding transitions, and creating their own scene.