• Mr. Gober C21


    Course Overview:

    This semester long history elective will examine the development of sport(s) in America and the world.  Our historical study will focus on helping students gain a better understanding of the inner relationship that sports has on social, economic, cultural, and political forces that are at work in the United States as well as the world.  We will examine the historical context as well as the significance of race, gender, ethnicity, and social class.  We will do our historical investigation through readings, primary sources, audio, and visual materials as well as class discussions.

    Students will gain historical knowledge about the origins and development of various sports in America as well as worldwide.  They will look at major political, social, cultural, economic, and intellectual concepts through the chronological history of sport.  Students will understand why and how sports have become a popular cultural phenomenon.  Students will also learn a greater appreciation for the issues that have affected sports such as gender, discrimination, race bias, and class economics.

    All students should take an active role in class discussions as it will only enhance the class.  The class is designed to provide the student with a comprehensive understanding of the role sports has in our culture as well as the historical analysis of various sports.



    1. The Olympic Games
    2. Baseball - America’s pastime
    3. Football (College and Pro)
    4. Boxing
    5. Basketball
    6. Early Prominent African American Athletes
    7. Sports during the war years
    8. Commercialization of sports
    9. Defining the impact and role of sports in America
    10. Title IX
    11. MMA