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    World Cultures                                                                                   

    Mr.Gober   C 21


    Course Overview                                                                                    

    Course Description:  This course addresses major periods in world history, with special emphasis on the events and people, which shaped and enriched both Western and Eastern Civilization from 1600s to the present. economic, social, and political topics will afford students the challenge to become knowledgeable learners.

    Materials and Resources: 

    • Textbook: Modern World History and Workbook
    • Assignment instructions, primary source documents
    • CNN 10
    • Selected videos and movies


    The French Revolution and Napoleon

    • The French Revolution Begins
    • Revolution Brings Reform and Terror
    • Napoleon’s Empire
    • The Congress of Vienna


    The Industrial Revolution

    • The Beginnings of Industrialization
    • Industrialization Case Study: Manchester
    • Industrialism Spreads
    • Reforming the Industrial World


    The Age of Imperialism

    • The Roots of Imperialism
    • Imperialism in Africa
    • Europeans Claim Muslim Lands
    • British Imperialism in India
    • European Claims in Southeast Asia
    • US Economic Imperialism


    Transformations Around the Globe

    • China Resists Outside Influence
    • Modernization in Japan
    • Turmoil and Change in Mexico


    Revolution and Nationalism

    • Revolutions in Russia
    • Totalitarianism: Stalinist Russia
    • Imperial China Collapses
    • Nationalism in Southwest Asia


    The Colonies Become New Nations

    • The Indian Subcontinent Achieves Freedom
    • Southeast Asian Nations Gain Independence
    • New Nations in Africa
    • Conflicts in the Middle East
    • Central Asia Struggles


    Struggles for Democracy

    • Democracy: Case Study: Latin American Democracies
    • The Challenge of Democracy in Africa
    • The Collapse of the Soviet Union
    • Changes in Central and Eastern Europe
    • China: Reform and Reaction


    Global Interdependence

    • Science and Technology Transform Life
    • Global Economic Development
    • Global Security Issues
    • Terrorism
    • Environmental Challenges
    • Cultures Blend in a Global Age