Required Summer Reading

Summer Reading Program: Read 180 Student Requirements

This assignment will count at the first assignment grade for either Reading or English (9th grade) in the fall.

If you are at a 600 Lexile or above, read two books this summer.
If your Lexile is below 500, please select at least 3 books at your level to read this summer (they tend to be shorter)

Use the response form to complete your summary for EACH book you read. Submit it after you have completed all books. This may need to be shared with your next year teacher for Read 180 or English.

How to find books:
1) Go to and use your Read 180 login.
Find the Independent Reading icon. There are many eBooks to choose from.
2.) Look around your neighborhood for a "Little Library" and borrow a book.
3.) Get an online book through Bucks County Free Library. If you don't already have a library card, you will
need a parent to help.
4.) Look under your bed. You know there is at least one book there.

If you are purchasing books from online vendor or borrowing from a library, will help you to find books you might like at your reading level.
There are also suggested reading lists on the district's website


Click here for a printable version Summer Reading Response Form