Classroom News

  •  Kindergarten

    In Kindergarten we explore steady beats using scarves, rhythm sticks, and body movement. We have Movement Mondays, Scarves Tuesdays ,

    Rhythm stick Wednesdays, Bean Bag Thursdays, Fun Fridays!  This is the beginning of our Kindergarten Music experience and we have a lot of

    fun!  This year Kindergarten has music every day during the 3rd marking period.


    First Grade

    In First Grade we explore steady beats/no beats, tone color (both voices and instruments) loud/soft and fast/slow.  We meet every three days.  

    Once a week we have echo clap activites.  This is where students clap rhythmic patterns after me.  The first marking period, we learn about

    how most songs have steady beats, but there are also songs that do not have a beat.  The second marking period, first grade learns about 

    how eacch voice (man, men, women, woman, child, and children) sound different.  We also learn that each instrument sounds different.  We 

    learn about the trumpet, trombone, violin, clarinet, drum. We do not have music during the 3rd marking period.  In the fourth marking period

    first grade learn about simple dynamics (loud/soft) and simple tempo (fast/slow). We use a lot of movement to explore these musical ideas.