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    Home Learning Experience:

    Hi guys! 
    I hope you are all well and staying safe. This is such a strange time right now, I hope the work assigned gives you a sense of normalcy right not. It is not meant to stress you out or overwhelm you. We want you to keep exercising your mind! :)

    I've assigned 3 Study Island assignments you will find below. Please just do the best you can, I will not be resetting scores at this time. You will be given credit for the completion of each topic, not for how well you score. If you need extra help, you can click on the lesson button for more information or you can email me at agiblin@mv.org. 

    Assignments due Friday April 3rd (end of Marking Period 3)

    Study Island - Techincal Meanings

    Study Island - Context Clues

    Study Island - Plot


    Note - If you did not complete Study Island topic Summarize Literature (it was assigned the week before school closed), please do so before the marking period ends - April 3rd!


    Hope to see you all soon - miss you guys! 

    Be well! :)
    Mrs. Giblin



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    Mrs. Giblin’s Failure and Growth Mindset Philosophy:

    I encourage all of my student to try to fail… sounds strange doesn’t it? Failure has a negative connotation, especially within the school. But in actuality, failure is the best way for students to learn IF they take the failure as an opportunity to see where they went wrong, to make changes, adjust and try again.

    It is my goal for my students to not only feel comfortable enough to take risks in my classroom and to fail at certain things, I actually want them to embrace failure because it is then when we try new things, don’t get it right the first time and analyze what went wrong – that is where real, deeper and more significant learning occurs.

    It is my hope that every student who walks into my classroom will adopt a growth mindset - the idea that everyone is capable of learning, and stretching and growing their minds and becoming more intelligent people. All students have the potential to grow their intelligence, but this growth cannot occur without truly challenging ourselves. It is when we challenge ourselves and embrace the lessons that come along with failure that we grow.  

    Some of the most successful people of all time have embraced failure and that failure has made them who they are today. Here are the names of just a few… Walt Disney, Albert Einstein, Michael Jordan, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, and many others.

    Check out this video for some failure inspiration!

    Famous Failures

    Famous quote 2

    Failure quote 1

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