• Classroom Expectations

    Students are expected to follow all rules of the classroom at all times: no exceptions! Our classroom follows a specific set of rules and has a strict behavior plan in place to enforce those rules. The following are our classroom rules:

    1. Do not disrespect anyone or anything in any way. No exceptions! (2 points)

    2. Always be on time. (1 point for every minute late)

    3. No use of inappropriate language at any time. (2 points)

    4. Do what is asked of you during our class time. (2 points)

    Each student begins the week with ten points. Each time a student breaks one of these rules, they lose the allotted number of points. For instance, if they use inappropriate language two times over the course of the week, they will end the week with a 6/10. This is put into Genesis as a grade out of ten. In this case, the student would end the week with a 60%. If a student goes below 0, they receive a write-up and a parent will be contacted.

    Classroom Procedures

    1. Students will enter the room and check the board for what materials they need before sitting down and preparing for class. They will gather all the materials needed, and then take a seat in their assigned seats.

    2. The first 5-10 minutes of class are dedicated to quietly answering the warm-up question that will be listed on the board. They will answer this question in their journals. These journals are checked weekly for a grade.

    3. Once the warm-up is completed and the teacher has gone over it, the day's agenda, which will be written on the board, will be gone over.

    4. The day's lesson will take place.

    5. With five minutes left in the period, each student will be responsible for answering the closure question in their journal. This will also be checked weekly, on Fridays.

    6. Once students are done, all materials will be put away. Students will not be dismissed until they are seated and the room is clean.