• Miss Norris – Music Teacher


    7th/8th Grade Music Education

    This course is a continuation of implementing concepts taught last year. Students have learned how to read and notate both rhythms and notes. This year, they are using this knowledge to compose their own piece of music. They are beginning by writing a rhythm, followed by added notes to their created rhythm. Then, they are learning to perform their short song on the piano. After this, the students will add lyrics about Morrisville pride to their song! This song project incorporates many music education standards. Not only are they reading and notating both notes and rhythms, but they are also performing! I’m very excited to see the results of this project!

    Classroom Rules & Expectations

    1. Be respectful of yourself, others, and the learning environment.
    2. Follow all directions the first time.
    3. Be seated with needed materials by the sound of the bell.
    4. Participate properly in all instructional activities.
    5. Conduct yourself in a safe manner.


    Students are graded on a total point basis. All assignments are entered into Genesis as Homework/Tests. Most class activities are worth 10 points. Major projects are worth 100 points. As long as students are following along and filling in notes with our class activities, they will earn full participation points.

    THEATRE ARTS: Grades 9-12 .50 Credit

    This class offers students a chance to learn what acting is all about. In Theatre Arts students will learn to develop characters, write original monologues and scenes and gain experience by performing in front of a live audience. Theatre Arts is a course of study that allows students to discover much of what is involved in putting on a live stage production. In addition to creative writing and performance, students will also have a chance to learn about set design, lighting, direction, and production. All students who enroll in Theatre Arts will have a chance to perform in character and learn to work behind the scenes as well. Lights, Camera, Action!

    BEGINNING KEYBOARD: Grades 9-12 .50 Credit

    This course is for students who do not already know how to play the keyboard. Students will review the notes for the treble and bass clefs. They will learn the keys letter names on the keyboard. Students will learn the basic position for playing the keyboard. Students will learn basic songs on the keyboard. Students will be tested and graded on treble and bass clefs notes, the name of the keys on a keyboard, the different hand positions on the keyboard and on songs assigned in class. This is a semester course. If a students is already familiar with playing the keyboard, he/she will be given alternate/more advanced performance assignments in order to differentiate the instruction to each student’s level of ability.