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    6th Grade- Well we were off to a great start...I know that you will continue to excel no matter what. I am giving you a choice of projects to complete. You can always take a simple assignment and be as creative as you would like. I know how creative this class is and I am looking forward to some great things. I understand that materials at home are sometimes different then at school. Be creative and as always do your best! I hope to see you soon. Mrs. Craig

    Assignments will be in 6th grade folder




    My name is Mrs.Craig. I am looking forward to creating great things with you. I will be posting assignments on my home page. I want to make sure that you are good at drawing and coloring and I am looking forward to seeing what creative projects you make. Please chose from the folder posted below to begin your assignment. If you have any questions please let me know. 

     All assignments will be in kindergarten folder









     I am leaving the previous assignments up incase you haven't had the time to complete them. 

      - All grades are to complete the color wheel packet and illustrate something that has their favorite color.

    If you would like more art stuff please get into youtube and search art for kids hub. The more you do the better you get!



    Color Theory


    me as an artist


    inspiration sheets

    color theory book