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  • In this section you will find information or links that pertain to Third Grade.


    Our Schedule

    8:25 – School Starts – morning work, check in

    8:45 - Small Group Reading

    9:30 – Special

    10:10 – Math

    11:35 – Lunch/Recess

    12:25 – Sustained Silent Reading

    12:40 – Phonics/Grammar

    1:00 – Whole Group Reading

    1:40 - Snack

    2:00 – Science/Social Studies

    3:00 – Dismissal


    Curriculum Hightlights

    Language Arts - We focus on building fluency and comprehension. Fluency means the rate at which they read aloud, and comprhension is showing what they understand after reading a passage. Please have your child read nightly and ask them questions about what they have read. Have them do repeated readings of the same story to build fluency. Break passages down into smaller chunks, no more than a page, to support understanding of text.

    Math - This year, students will focus on developing their problem solving skills. They are now required to show work and explain in writing how they solved a story problem. To support them at home, please ask them how and why they solved a problem as often as possible. Encourage them to use math vocabulary in their explanations. We also heavily focus on learning and applying multiplication facts. By the end of third grade, they will need to master the basic facts up to ten. Please have them practice flash cards daily.