• Welcome to the 8th Grade!!!!


    This year, all assignments and homework will be posted on Schoology!

    Please contact 1st period teacher to receive log-in info for Schoology.





    Social Studies:    Mr. Teefy mteefy@mv.org

    Intro to Algebra:  Ms. Riley  mriley@mv.org   Khan Academy login contact

    Algebra 1:     Mrs. Pedersen cpedersen@mv.org   

    Science:     Mr. Eriksson jeriksson@mv.org  

    Pearson Realize link-> Savvas Realize

    Savvas Login example:     username:   <first name>DOT<lastname>@mv

                                                              ex.    john.smith@mv

                                            password:   initially set to:   science123 (please change at login)

    Language Arts: Mr. Mullen. Tmullen@mv.org   noredink login contact 

    Reading:  Ms. Killion mkillion@mv.org   StudyIsland login contact

    Study Island Login Example: mkillion@mv

                                Passwords: Vary but intially set to first name & can be changed

    Reading: Mrs. Giblin sbolduc@mv.org or agiblin@mv.org

    Read 180 /Learning Support   Mrs. Worrell kworrell@mv.org               

    Guidance Counselor: Mrs. Sherlock  hsherlock@mv.org



8th Grade Team


    Welcome To The 8th Grade Team Page! 


    Required Supply List:  updated 8/7/19

    • Chromebook (supplied by School) 
    • 1 paper notebook
    • Loose Leaf Paper 
    • Several pencils
    • Several pens
    • Pencil Case
    • Scientific calculator for at home use 

    o   Suggested type TI-30XIIS, at Walmart online for $8.97  Click to shop online

    o   If possible select color other than Navy Blue and mark with student name in permanent marker

    • Other items are encouraged for students who feel they are better organized with immediate access to highlighters, 3x5 cards, post-it notes, colored pencils, etc.   These items are not required. 


     In the case that you feel you may need assistance obtaining the required items due to financial need, please do not hesitate to email kworrell@mv.org for assistance with getting the materials.  Students are expected to have all of their materials within the first few days of school.


    Binder Organization

    • Assignments for each subject will be kept in Schoology andd submitted online.
    • Individual workbooks for science, math and english will be checked by teacher.


     Genesis        Power School Access- Parent Portal


    Check student grades on Schoology and attendance on Powerschool. 




    Cell Phones & other electronic devices

    • Cell phones are to be kept in lockers except during lunch.
    • Headphones & Earbuds are not permitted in the classroom or hallways.
    • Any cell phone seen in a classroom lying on a desk, in the hands of a student, or suspected connected to headphones, will be confiscated.
    • When a cell phone is confiscated students will receive it back from that teacher at the end of the day.  Multiple offenses will be referred for administrative discipline.
    • Cell phones are not to be used to take pictures or video at any time including lunch.






    • When a student returns from an absence, they are expected to ask for the work they missed and make it up within the number of days they were absent.
    • Students may need to come after school to pick up work or for extra help to catch up.