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    This site will no longer be updated

    Please contact 1st period teacher to receive log-in info for Google Class

    Once you have log-in info go to classroom.google.com to log-in

    OR download google classroom APP & google slides APP on phone/tablet

    Please click on the assignment title below to access instructions and any related materials.  It is not necessary for you to print materials.  Complete assignments on separate paper.  Please title your work with the assignment name and write your name and your class period at the top of each page. 


    It is important to carefully read and follow directions.   Please show all work for math.  Utilize Khan Academy videos, Study Island lessons, and other resources for instruction if you "get stuck."


    If you need paper copies please email msdpacket@mv.org with your student(s) name.


    "SPECIALS" CLASSES:  See your "Specials" teacher's website for assignments for that class.

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