Assunta Deliman/Reading Specialist/ Coordinator of Federal Programs

    Welcome to my website. It is my hope that you will find this website informative.
    I have attached reading lists that will be beneficial for book selection as your child continues to grow as a lifetime learner.
    It would be wonderful if you could read to your child each night to model reading fluency. Also, statistics indicate that children, who read independently each night for at least 20 minutes, increase their comprehension consistently through the years.
    Ask your child to give you ten (10) facts about what he or she has read after reading time. You can even ask your child to make a prediction about what will come next or what another good title for the book would be.

    When your child is reading aloud to you, encourage your child to decode challenging words. If your child reads more than 5 words on a page incorrectly, it would be a good idea to read those words aloud, modeling the correct sounds. These errors are indications that the book is too difficult for the child to read independently, at that point in his/her development.
    Engaging in dialogue with your child will foster strong communication skills, as well as to develop your child's attention to details when reading.
    The home-school connection is critical in student growth. 
    Thank you for your continued support to make your child a strong, critical reader.
    My best to you,
    Assunta Deliman M.Ed
    Reading Specialist/ Coordinator of Federal Programs
    Morrisville Borough School District