Board of Ed.

  •  The Morrisville School Board consists of nine members who serve four-year terms without pay.  Residents of the Morrisville School District elect nine directors to serve four-year terms.  Elections are held in November and terms are staggered.  All members are elected at-large, must be at least 18 years of age, and reside in the Morrisville School District at least one year prior to seating on the Board.  

    A Superintendent is selected by the School Board to oversee the operation of the schools in accordance with Board policies.  The Superintendent, a non-voting member of the Board, is both educational advisor to the School Board and chief administrator of the District,

    School Board Organization

    By law, all school boards organize during the first week of December.  At this meeting, a board president and vice president are elected to serve one-year terms of office.  A treasurer is selected by the board in May to serve a one-year term which begins the first day of July.  A secretary is appointed by the board in May to serve a four-year term. 

    Liaison Positions

    Morrisville School Directors also serve as liaisons between the district and outside organizational groups.  Liaison reports are given at public meetings and include information about the local Intermediate Unit, Technical School, PA School Board Association, and Legislative.