The NEW Morrisville Int/MS/HS Library Media Center

  • Intermediate/Middle/High School Media Center
    Computer Lab, Fiction Books
    Middle/High School Fiction Books
    Intermediate/Middle Level 

    As you can see in the photos, the library is learning ready!  

    Just a few points of interest.  In the first picture, you will see an organized collection of fiction novels for middle/high school level students.  The last section on those group of shelves contain books that I call "beach novels."  They are in paperback format.  

    On the tops of the lower shelves contain a variety of groupings of types of books.  There are three separate sections of classic works of fiction.  I also created sections of biographical, historical, science-related books and poetry.  Finally, there are individual authors of interest that I separated into mini-collections.  Judy Blume, Beverly Cleary, Dear America series, Matt Christopher, Sharon Creech, Star Wars/Star Trek books, Magic Tree House, Choose Your Own Adventure Books, Stephen King, and Walter Dean Myers are some of the examples of those collections.  

    Coming soon:  An online card catalog!  

    LEARN ON! 

    thanks for coming.