Banned Books Week

  • Banned Books Week
    September 26-October 1

    Display at Grandview Elementary

    The American Library Association (ALA) decrees that American citizens, no matter the age, have the freedom to read.  This is a principle that is held by the same language located in the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution (no law shall abridge the freedom of speech).  Banned Book Week is an awareness period, in which we celebrate the writers who have been either challenged or banned through our history.  You will notice that there are authors who are beloved such as Judy Blume and Beverly Cleary who have been challenged into schools, countless times. The reasons of the challenges run the gamut.  

    A quick list of why books are banned or challenged in schools:
    1) Witchcraft
    2) Bad Language
    3) Depictions of bad behavior by the characters
    4) Suicide
    5) Divorce
    6) Child Abuse
    7) Sexual Innuendos
    8) Communism/Marxism
    9) Value-based (goes against family values)
    10) Religion

    The goal is to recognize the good purpose they serve and have served in our lives as lovers of stories.  

    Censorship will not ever be prescribed by the Morrisville School District.  If there is ever a question about what is on the shelves, contact me at  I will listen to all concerns, but will never...never....never remove a book from the shelf based off a complaint.  There is a process for that discussion.  I will never accept a complaint on behalf on someone else.  Nobody has the right to tell someone else's child or household that they should be able to read a book.