The NEW Grandview Elementary School Library Media Center

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    The Learning Group Center

    Picture Books

    The Idea Wall 

    A panoramic view of the early fiction novels and non-fiction section

    As you can see the library has transformed from a graveyard of books, to a fully functioning learning center, where students can be privy to an arena of great stories and a place to share ideas and ultimately....LEARN!  This is an exciting time.  

    On the bottom photo you will see the early fiction and non-fiction section.  I have created a subject area of only animals.  They are not in an Dewey order, just lumped together.  Going across the top, you will see collections of books by either author (Judy Blume, Roald Dahl) or by series (Magic Tree House, Chet Gecko, Jigsaw Jones, A-Z Mysteries, Junie B. Jones, Bailey School Kids, etc).  In the far left hand corner, the tall shelf is covered with what I call, "Quick Book Look Picks." These are paperback picture books.

    The ideal wall will attempt to place learning responsibility on the students.  They will be in charge for their learning.  As the wall fills up with ideas, I will use those ideas into lessons.

    The goal of this program is to build readers and learners....period. Along with technology, students at Grandview will only grow in leaps and bounds with a library program.  Studies have shown that.  

    More things to come