Mrs. Riley’s Math 7

    Add Integers QUIZ

    Grading system


    ***Work must always be shown to receive credit.  Partial credit is not awarded for providing only answers even if all answers are given***


    Course Description

    In this class you will learn about 5 different mathematical categories: Numbers and Operations, Measurement, Geometry, Algebraic Concepts, Data Analysis and Probability.  We will also focus on problem-solving methods throughout the course.  We use GO MATH worktexts which students can write in and also use online resources listed below. 


    Accessing Grades Online

    If you would like to receive access to your student’s grades online please contact Miriam Burkhardt at mburkhardt@mv.organd request parent access to genesis. 


    Khan Academy is an excellent free resource where students can view instructional videos of teachers working through problems step-by-step.  Students are required to complete assignments on khan academy.





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